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Important Reminder
In response to recent malware scams found in the market that fraudsters deceive users into installing mobile applications with malware on their mobile devices under different pretenses, and subsequently obtain users' internet banking login credentials, to protect customers' account security, the Bank has temporarily disabled screen capture, screen mirroring and recording functions on Android devices for its Mobile Banking until further notice. You can check your recent transactions via online banking by choosing "Bill payment > Transaction Record" for the past 45 days, or review the previous month's electronic statement by choosing "e-Statement > e-Statement Enquiry". You can also choose to view SMS or email notifications sent by the Bank and capture screen to save as transaction records.

To avoid being scammed by fraudster with financial loss, customer is suggested to browse the "Scameter/Scameter App" launched by the Hong Kong Police Force for further information before conducting transaction.

The terms & conditions of the services delivered through this channel will be provided in electronic format. If you have any questions, please contact our staff. For credit card related services, please call BOC Credit Card Customer Service Hotline.

According to the update by Office of the Communications Authority, any unregistered pre-paid SIM cards can no longer be used after 23 February 2023. If you are using a pre-paid SIM card number as your contact number with us, please complete real-name registration with your telecommunications service provider before the deadline, or you can also visit any of our branches to update your contact number in the Bank's record to continue to use our e-Banking services and receive calls/SMS from our Bank.
For enquiry, please contact our staff or call our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2622 2633.

With effect from 30 August 2020, you are required to use two-factor authentication for identity verification when conducting designated transactions and "Set up Overseas ATM Cash Withdrawal" through Internet or Mobile Banking(except designated investment transactions). For security and so you can access to Internet or Mobile banking, you need to have a valid and up-to-date mobile phone number and email address in our records in order to receive specified transaction notification. Details.

Customers are reminded to say vigilant to anything abnormal when logging into the Internet Banking (e.g. unusual pop-up screens, unusually slow browser response, multiple requests for password input etc.). In case of doubt, please do not follow the instructions of the suspicious web page or input any data, and call our customer service hotline. Please refer to Security Information for details.

If you login Internet/Mobile Banking through mobile phone, please download and install the latest version of mobile Apps, operating systems and browsers regularly in the official App stores or our website. Do not install mobile Apps from mistrusted sources. If there is any suspicious App, please do not download, login and should stop operation immediately. Do not login Internet/Mobile Banking via any jailbroken iPhone or rooted Android mobile phone to avoid any potential security loophole. Details

Please change your password regularly and set a strong password, avoid selecting the same password that you have used for accessing other web services. Do not access the Internet/Mobile Banking services using a shared computer or public wireless network. In case of doubt, please do not follow the instructions of the suspicious web page or input any data, and call our customer service hotline.

We provide personal customers with "Security Device" as the two-factor authentication tool. You can choose to login to Internet Banking Service using "Security Device" through "Setting > Security Setting > Login Setting". Please refer to Security Information for details and refer to the information from the Hong King Association of Banks relating to internet banking security and two factor authentication. Please click.

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