Insurer: Bank of China Group Insurance Company Limited
Enquiry Hotline : (852) 2622 2633
Only accept Visa Card, MasterCard or PPS for premium payment.
Proposer must be aged between 18 and 65.
Insured Person's Information
You and your spouse (if insured) must be aged between 18 and 65.
Your insured child(ren) should be aged between 3 and 17, unmarried and not at work, or as a full-time student(s)aged 23 or below.
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Your Class of Occupation:
Class 1
(A)Persons engaging in indoor or professional, administrative and non-manual works:
lawyer, accountant, administrator, clerk, teacher, student, doctor, clinic nurse, dentist, pharmacist, auditor, clergy, stock broker etc.
(B)Persons engaging in outdoor or mild manual works:
hospital nurse, housewife, sale representative, domestic helper, outdoor worker, factory supervisor, electronic factory worker, waiter, chauffeur, insurance broker, property agent, hairstylist, messenger, salesman, tailor, etc.
Class 2
Persons engaging in skillful or semi-skillful works, but are not required to use heavy or dangerous machinery:
professional driver (excluding tractor driver or driver transporting goods to and from Hong Kong and the Mainland), printer, garment worker, electrician, petrol station worker, kitchen worker, baker, cleaner (excluding cleaner involving in outside wall works), plumber (excluding plumber involving in outside wall works and working at heights), hawker, security guard, etc.
Note: The occupations listed above are for general illustration only.If the Insured's Class of occupation does / do not belong to Class 1 and Class 2, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Officer at (852) 2622 2633.

If your family member(s) (as shown below) needs/need to be insured, please click in the box.
Your Spouse:
Your Insured Child(ren): Number of Insured Child(ren): 
Note: 1. Please apply for a separate insurance plan if any other family member(s) need(s) to be insured.
2. If spouse or child(ren) is/ are also insured, the benefit amount of all insured person(s) will be based upon the class of occupation of the Proposed Insured and the insured limit under his/her chosen plan.
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